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Our estate planning attorney, Annie Arbenz, has created a website called Orbit Wills that provides an alternative to the traditional way of getting estate planning done. By going to the Orbit Wills website and filling out a questionnaire, Annie is able to prepare all of the same documents for you that she would normally prepare, at a fraction of the cost. There are no meetings and all documents are done in three business days. This is a wonderful option for those with straightforward/simple estates that do not require meeting with a lawyer but want to make sure they have everything in place before something bad happens. As explained on the Orbit Wills website, Annie has realized three important things while running her busy trusts & estates practice:

1. Everyone needs a good, thorough estate plan.

Estate planning needs to be done. In my practice, I’ve seen so many relationships ruined, families torn apart, feelings hurt, and pocketbooks decimated because of a lack of good estate planning. These things could have been avoided with a solid estate plan. Even the smallest estates can create big legal problems.

2. Not everyone needs or wants to go through the traditional process to get an estate plan done.

Washingtonians with a simple estate and/or limited time during the workweek may not be able to (or want to) take the time during the week meet with a lawyer for 3-4 hours or cough up the money it takes to meet with a lawyer to get the plan done. Orbit Wills is perfect for that person.

To note: if you don’t have a simple estate, you should still meet with a lawyer. Give my office a call at (253) 302-4849 to set up an appointment to discuss the costs, etc.

3. The available online alternatives aren’t great.

Other websites provide wills, powers of attorney, etc. and some of them are cheaper than Orbit Wills. That is because those are mostly form-based documents into which your information is inserted – a lawyer doesn’t draft or even review the document before they are given to you for signature. At Orbit Wills, you are treated as a client of my law firm. An attorney drafts the documents, makes sure they are consistent with the answers you’ve given, and I review every document. If there is any confusion or need for clarification, we will contact you. When drafting these documents, a law degree should be required!

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