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Orbit Wills - Online Estate Planning Alternative
An alternative to the traditional way of getting estate planning done. Orbit Wills allows you to complete a online questionnaire and a lawyer prepares your documents for a faction of the more

4 Rules to Have a Winning Custody Arrangement
There are numerous reasons why people turn to divorce after formalizing a marriage relationship. Perhaps the couple drifted apart after years of not building the relationship. Or maybe the couple allowed poor... read more

Can a Father Win Full Custody?
One of the most common questions that arises when a father goes through a divorce is whether he has a chance to have full custody of his children. This question remains because... read more

Divorce and the Holidays
With the holidays fast approaching it is a good time to consider how to take care of yourself and your children if you are in the midst a divorce.  With the frequent... read more

Do you need an Executor for your Estate Planning?
At Andrews & Arbenz we know how it important it is to ensure that your estate is in order at the time of your passing. It takes careful planning and attention to... read more

Gig Harbor Business Attorney
There are few things in life more satisfying than starting a small business that grows into a reliable success. The magic of creating something from scratch and seeing it grow to help... read more

Hiring a Gig Harbor Business Attorney
In our last article, we discussed three important factors in making a hiring decision of a Gig Harbor business attorney. It is vital to look at experience, knowledge and the scope of... read more

How Are Assets Valued in a Trust
We have discussed at length on this site the importance of having an estate plan established so that your loved ones can have the added peace of mind knowing that your financial... read more

How being Organized can Help your Legal Affairs
While it may not seem like a natural connection, being organized can have a direct impact on your legal affairs. If you are able to establish an organized work space, whether at... read more

How can a Father Survive a Divorce?
Going through a divorce, no matter what role you play in the marriage, can be difficult. For fathers, it seems the cards are stacked against you. Mothers often are awarded physical custody... read more

How Communication Impacts Divorce
In the past divorce was considered to be a topic that was associated with a moral failure or other significant issue. Over time divorce rates have changed along with the reasons for... read more

How Divorce Effects You
Going through a divorce can be challenging and will impact the lives of those involved in many pronounced and nuanced ways. If you are going through a divorce and have children going... read more

How Do You know if Divorce is the Right Step for You
While it is the hope of every couple that gets married to stay together for their life time, we know that many marriages do not end happily ever after. People enter a... read more

How does a Divorce Work with No Kids?
While divorce can happen to couples of all types, people often associate divorce for couples with children. Certainly the problems that arise while raising children can be a leading factor for couples... read more

How Long to Keep your Legal Documents
As has been previously mentioned on our site, we believe it is important to have your legal affairs in order so that you can have confidence that you are in a solid... read more

How Planning for Retirement Impacts Your Estate Plan
For many, having a solid financial foundation is all the estate planning they need to feel comfortable in their retirement. For others, having more than a solid financial foundation is needed in... read more

How to be Prepared During Your Custody Dispute
No matter where you are at in the process, custody disputes are stressful for all parties involved. It helps to have a custody lawyer that you trust and feel comfortable working with... read more

How to be Prepared for Your Adoption
Whether you are adopting a step-child, relative, adult or foster child, it can be an exciting and stressful time for your family. There is so much preparation and emotion that encompasses this... read more

How to Have the Divorce Talk with Your Spouse
Deciding to go through a divorce will be one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make in your adult life. You have made a commitment to your spouse that... read more

How to Prepare Your Kids for Divorce
Divorce is an uncomfortable topic to discuss for every couple. It is especially difficult if you have children. There is no easy way to bring up the topic with your children but... read more

How to Prevent Your Divorce from Impacting Your Work
Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging transitions an adult can go through. What once started as a union of two people brought together by love has now... read more

How to Prevent Your Divorce from Impacting Your Work
In our previous article we discussed how going through a divorce can negatively impact your work performance. The emotional stress of having such a transition can take its toll during your daily... read more

How to Protect Your Estate from Potential Lawsuits
In this day and age, legal exposure is something that you need to consider for your estate and financial situation. We hope that no one has to experience this type of legal... read more

How to Remarry after a Divorce
Going through a divorce can be hard for many people. The sense of loss and change can be a big challenge for an individual to go through. This can be compounded if... read more

Men, Women and Property
Most divorce attorneys will agree that the most contentious topic in a divorce proceeding is how and with whom the children will be raised. A close second for most couples is the... read more

Military Members are at Higher Risk of Divorce
There are numerous challenges that our active duty military members face on a daily basis. From the daily routine, physical training and maintaining a level of battle readiness, the burden put on... read more

Power of Positivity in Divorce
Going through a divorce can be a soul crushing experience. The break in trust, the loss of stability and the hurt you feel can be too much for some to deal with.... read more

Taking Care of Yourself During a Custody Dispute
No one plans to turn to divorce when a marriage first starts but when the decision has been made the fallout that comes with it is very trying for the whole family,... read more

The top 3 reasons you need an Estate Plan
More often than not the estate plan is the forgotten financial tool for individuals. It is so valuable to adults of any age, marital status, and employment position. It is a vehicle... read more

Three Reasons why Adoptions are Important
Adoption is an important legal process that helps people of all walks of life find a sense of family. While the process by which someone needs adoption is usually littered with trauma,... read more

What are Reasons that Lead People to Divorce?
While  the pervasive thought in the nation is that 50% of couples who marry will eventually seek a divorce, recent data suggests that the divorce rate has been declining steadily over the... read more

What does a Probate Attorney Do
During the time of a loved one passing, it can be difficult to think through all of the details of their estate. The flood of emotions and the grieving process will be... read more

What Happens When Unmarried Couples Separate?
A situation that is becoming more common in our society is families with unmarried parents separating. This process is where a couple, who has been in a committed relationship together and may... read more

What is a Revocable Living trust?
For those individuals that are concerned with their estate being properly managed at the time of death, a living trust is a tool that can provide robust protection. While acquiring a living... read more

What is Custody and How Does it Impact You
There are so many new and trying emotions that occur for children and parents alike when a divorce happens. Working through financial records and settling how certain assets will be handled after... read more

What is Disability Insurance?
It is well known that the largest asset you have to becoming financially independent is making good use of your income. From your income you are able to pay down debt, invest... read more

What is Power of Attorney and Why is it Important?
A power of attorney is a written legal authorization that gives one party to act on behalf of another. This authorization typically involves two individuals. The person who is authorizing the power... read more

What is Probate Court and How to Avoid it?
We all know that death will come to us all. It is just a fact of life that we don’t live forever, even though we at times think we are invincible. So,... read more

What is the Best Way to Handle an Inheritance for Your Children?
In this day and age it can be hard to know if your child is ready for the sudden windfall that comes when you pass. The world today can make it harder... read more

What to do when served?
Many people today are aware at a basic level of what being served is. Often dramatized in Hollywood movies or on the small screen, we can all picture someone being served legal... read more

What to Look for in an Estate Planning Attorney
When it comes to making sure that your affairs are in order you need to make sure you find the right estate planning attorney. With so many attorneys available in today's market... read more

What to Look for in Hiring a Gig Harbor Business Attorney
There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide to hire a Gig Harbor business attorney. You need to make sure that your interests and their specialities are in alignment... read more

What You Need to Know about Divorce
The institution of marriage is a beautiful thing. It is wonderful seeing two people come together who are in love with each other. However, not every wedding leads to a fairy tale... read more

When do you Need a Business Attorney?
Many times when a small or medium sized business runs into challenges in their growth, legal advice will need to be sought. As a business changes and adjusts to the market they... read more

Why is it important to have a business license
Imagine you have this idea that can really help others and make a difference in your community. Or you have a hobby that you are passionate about and want to take to... read more

Why Life Insurance is Important for your Estate Planning?
Life insurance is an important part of estate planning. What is life insurance? In general, life insurance is a contract agreement between you and an insurance company. In exchange for monthly payments,... read more

Why Seeking a Business Attorney for your Small Business Makes Sense
Starting a small business can be one of the most challenging and rewarding ventures a person can start. The joy of taking something from nothing to fully operational and generating profit is... read more

Why you need a Business License Lawyer
These days there are so many threats to your business and its growth. There are new competitors that are coming into your market. There are new marketing campaigns trying to take away... read more

Why you need a Legacy Plan
What is a Legacy Plan? A Legacy Plan is a term many in the financial realm refer to when it comes to your end of life preparation for your family. Specifically, it is... read more

Why Your Business Needs a Trademark Lawyer
Business these days can be truly challenging. As you build your brand and increase your market share you need watch out for other companies that may try to take the hard work... read more