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4 Tips to Protect Yourself When Going through a Divorce


It can be heartbreaking when you are served a notice of divorce through the legal system. It would be easy in this compromised emotional state to make unbalanced decisions that can come back to hurt you in the formal divorce proceedings. It is important to keep the following tips in mind so that if you go through a divorce you can make sure you are protected.

Track It

It is important that while the divorce process is underway you keep diligent notes of all key interactions with your former spouse, time spent with your children and your divorce attorney. Keeping this information documented can provide many uses during the proceedings. If you are able to track important discussions that you and your spouse have, you can shield yourself from potential allegations if it is documented. Additionally, you can track how much time you're spending with the children so that the court can see that while the divorce is underway your priorities haven't changed.  Furthermore, keeping thorough notes on your interactions with your attorney you will be able to keep a clear understanding of your responsibilities as the case continues.

What is Most Important to You?

It is easy to get overly ambitious about how the estate's assets will be divided. You may feel that it is perfectly clear to you which items you're entitled to, however your spouse may feel differently. It is important to decide what the most important things for you to accomplish in the divorce. The reality is you won't get everything that's on your list so it is important to have the items ranked in order. This will make it easier as you negotiate the family home, vehicles, investments and other forms of finances.

Avoid Moving Out

While it may seem counterintuitive given that your spouse wishes to divorce you, it is important in the eyes of the court that you demonstrate your willingness to stay. This is critical when it comes to issues surrounding custody. If there are children in the home and you leave, it looks bad to the courts. Leaving may be considered a sign that you are willing to be less involved as a parent.

Focus on What you can Control

It can be easy during the challenge of a divorce to neglect yourself. Some people will try to revive the marriage in the hopes for full restoration. While this goal is noble, it may be best to have a clean break and focus on what you can control. Many people will need to have a plan to make sure their emotional, physical and financial health are in check. This means that you should seek a trusted friend or a counselor who can help you through the emotional transition. You may also need to make sure you're eating right and exercising to make sure your physical health is as good as it can be. Another focus should be on the children. When you have time with them do your best to focus on them and make sure they feel cared for and valued in this process. If you focus on the things that are in your control and not on the divorce proceedings, your spouse’s reactions and what others are thinking you can get through the divorce in a better manner.

Going through a divorce is a tremendously difficult life experience for all involved. We hope that couples everywhere are able to navigate life's challenges with ease and success. We know that this is not true for every couple though and a divorce may be the outcome. For those individuals going through a divorce finding legal representation who can help you navigate the many challenges can be a tremendous asset. At Andrews & Arbenz we are confident that we can represent you as your Tacoma divorce attorney. Contact us today to see how we can help you.