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What are the Questions You Need to Ask Your Divorce Attorney?

You will have a lot of tough choices in front of you if your marriage comes to an end.  Working with your former spouse to decide on critical issues such as asset disbursement, custody over children and negotiation of spousal support will be difficult. This is because these issues can lead to contentious interactions. It can be tremendously valuable to hire a Tacoma divorce attorney who can advocate for you and your needs effectively. As a result, it is important to do a thorough job in hiring your representation. Here are some questions to ask your divorce attorney to it help you decide whom to hire.

What is the Divorce Process Like?

An important question to consider is asking your potential divorce attorney for a quick explanation of what to expect from the divorce proceedings. The process is overwhelming and challenging. Often times it is wrought with painful exchanges with your former spouse. Knowing what lies ahead will help you be prepared for these challenging times.

What Experience Do You Have?

Another question that you need to ask a potential divorce attorney is how much experience they are bringing to the table. You want your attorney to be someone who has a balance of years in the field but still retains their enthusiasm for the work. Many attorneys have experience but they lack the interest in the work and are simply going through the motions. While other attorneys have the zeal for the case but do not know the common pitfalls that divorce cases typically have in the Puget Sound. Your goal should be to find an attorney who has a blend of both.

What Can I do to Protect Myself?

It is critical that you know what your options are on the onset of the divorce. Knowing these will help you make informed decisions about whether you should move out, challenge for custody or how to negotiate important assets. An experienced divorce attorney will tell you what steps you should do in both the short term and long term to help you get through the divorce and protect as many assets as they can.

At Andrews & Arbenz we provide the complete coverage that people seek. We have years of experience representing the citizens of the South Sound on a variety of legal issues. We are well-versed on estate planning, business law, probate court and divorce. We have an intricate knowledge of how the divorce proceedings operate in the state of Washington. We have successfully represented both mothers and fathers in custody cases and are confident we could accurately, respectfully and expertly provide the guidance you need if you are getting a divorce. Contact us today to see how we can be the Tacoma divorce attorney that you choose.